Chandra Darshan Date and Time 2020

Chandra Darshan Date and Time

Chandra Darshan is the first sighting of moon after Amavasya (new moon night). It has religious significance. People observe a day long fast to gain good fortune, luck & prosperity and break it after sighting new moon on Chandra Darshan day. Astrologically, moon is even more significant than the sun.

Find the list of Chandra Darshan date in 2020 with Chandra Darshan timing

26th January, (Sunday), 2020
Chandra Darshan January timing begins at 5:55 pm and ends at 7:12 pm on 26th January, 2020

25th February (Tuesday), 2020
Chandra Darshan February timing begins at 6:18 pm and ends 7:45 pm on 25th February, 2020

25th March (Wednesday), 2020
Chandra Darshan March timing begins at 6:35 pm and ends at 7:24 pm on 25th March, 2020

24th April (Friday), 2020
Chandra Darshan April timing begins at 6:52 pm and ends at 7:58 pm on 24th April, 2020

24th May (Sunday), 2020
Chandra Darshan May timing begins at 7:10 pm and ends at 8:41 pm on 24th May, 2020

22nd June (Friday), 2020
Chandra Darshan June timing begins at 7:22 pm and ends at 8:26 pm on 22nd June, 2020

21st July (Tuesday), 2020
Chandra Darshan July timing begins at 7:18 pm and ends at 8:01 pm on 21st July, 2020

20th August (Thursday), 2020
Chandra Darshan August timing begins at 6:55 pm and ends at 8:05 pm on 20th August, 2020

18th September (Friday), 2020
Chandra Darshan September timing begins at 6:22 pm and ends at 7:15 pm on 18th September, 2020

18th October (Sunday), 2020
Chandra Darshan October timing begins at 5:48 pm and ends at 7:07 pm on 18th October, 2020

16th November (Monday), 2020
Chandra Darshan November timing begins at 5:27 pm and ends at 6:29 pm on 16th November, 2020

16th December (Wednesday), 2020
Chandra Darshan December timing begins at 5:27 pm and ends at 7:05 pm on 16th December, 2020

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